Forest Path

Trusted Referrals

It is important to me that you have an opportunity for an integrative approach in your wellness team. Below is a list of trusted provider referrals with whom I have experience.

Doula Services

Whitney Thompson- Enlightened Encapsulation

Cema Souza- My Divine Insight


Dr. Sealander- Sealander Chiropractic



Chloe Andrews Goldberg (Ft. Collins/Loveland)-

Bloom Acupuncture + Integrative Health

Charlotte Morgan (South Denver & Parker)-

Vedana Acupuncture + Wellness

Mental Health

Gua Sha is the use of an object (often a stone or Chinese soup spoon) to scrape the skin thus producing temporary redness and bruising. It improves circulation & blood flow, releases adhesion in fascia, and is commonly used to treat acute injury & chronic pain.